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that big thing coming. -- most of us can see that big thing coming. [ laughter ] >> reporter: they think everyone needs to showdown. >> you have to be careful around big boats. the ferry is regularly scheduled. people should be aware of it. >> afterwards we look at everything. >> reporter: the crewmembers of the ferry are on paid administrative leave pending the results of drug tests. ferry passengers are not concerned. >> it is quite ub usual. they will find -- unusual they will find there was a good reason for it. >>> a warning tonight in an explosion of door to door salesmen in the south bay. they had 80 calls from people complaining about unwanted magazine salesmen since january. solicitors are from out of state and required to get permits. the police say there has been burglars in the city but have no evidence that this is linked. >>> burglars showed no love to people on valentine's day. two homes about 5 miles apart were hit within hours of each other on hillsborough on thursday. thieves went through the front door of one home a
's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program constitutes a threat to u.s. national securityty and to international peace and security. ♪or north korea has been warning for weeks it was about to test its l. nuclear arsenal opinion on tuesday morning it exploded a in bomb in a facility one kilometerunderground underground, near the same same location location of its nuclear test in 2006 and 2009. >> there is concern that they could come could come up with a delivery system for their nuclear weapon weapons.eporter: l >> reporter: last week the u.s. .s. and south korea navies launched military drills in the region as a show of force.fo north korea's test demonstrates ificant a significant split from its main patron china. recently beijing warned leader ns kim jong-un against any weapons tests. >> they've said publicly there rea. would be real consequences for north korea. what those consequences are we have have to see but i suspect it's going to be more than an angry of letter. >> reporter: china is one of the few countries supporting north could respond korea's f
we're losing our father. he's give to give us his last testament, what he wishes for the future. at the same moment it's great act of love. it ooh going to be a shining moment in the pope's papacy where he says we need younger men, more energetic, to lead us in the future. so there is sadness and excitement anne-marie. >> he retires tomorrow. i understand today in st. peters square he'll be speaking for quite a while. what will occur over the next 24 hours? what will he be doing? >> reporter: tomorrow morning, late tomorrow morning he wants to meet every cardinal personally. that's significant because they will be looking for his successor. the helicopter goes away from vatican city and goes to the paypal residence, castel gandolfo and there the holy father will begin a new phase in life. amazingly, he'll wake up and say thanks be to god and i think the voice will say to him well done good and faithful servant. >> we learn that he'll be called the emeritus pope. what will the church be doing to make sure he's not the second pope or there's a feeling that ther
he will have use of one of the specially made vehicle. the crowd of st. ter's square was half the 200,000 the vatican predicted and catered for but the welcome was warm. the pope thanked the crowd as he put it "from the bottom of my heart," and told them he was fully aware of the seriousness and novelty of his decision to resign. cardinals were gathering to choose benedict's successor held places of honor and seemed moved by the occasion. the 115 cardinals eligible to vote will be looking for a pope who can meet the challenges in the church, the sex abuse scandal and reports of a dysfunctional church administration. helen reedy from dallas what do you think about the sex scandal is it irrevocably tainted? >> i know the church has endured scandals throughout the centuries. i think we need to look at how things were handled and how to make changes going forward. >> reporter: benedict reiterated that his decision to resign was taken afterthoughtful prayer and best interest in the church. he said he was not abannen doing the church even though he no longer would
path to mineta international airport. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec shows us the condition at the tent city. >> reporter: it's cold to be camping but the people behind mere along spring street say they have no other choice but to live in this shantytown. police are planning a clean-up though so they are going to have to find somewhere else to live as soon as march 4. this encampment near guadalupe river park has gotten so big, you can see it from the airplanes. 100 people living in 40 tents. the squatters started coming here last month after the city raided a nearby encampment and the setup they are living in are elaborate some with windowpanes and makeshift kitchens. >> reporter: is this a mattress? >> it's a big old mattress wrapped in plastic and up on top of crates, i mean, you know, wood. so the rain goes under the pallet. >> reporter: now, the city has had a tough time with encampments recently. every time think clean one up, another one forms. they say it will cost about $40,000 to clean up this encampment. it is one of dozens
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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